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About Me

Hey y’all, welcome! My name is Amanda and I am a DIY home designer, proud mother of two, plant mama, and always looking to start a new project.

How it all began

I started Dwell Aware halfway through 2020, although home design has been a passion of mine for over eight years. My blog explores home design along with a holistic approach to life. A blend of minimalism, boho, MCM, and forward thinking approach delivers a truly vibrant style. My hope is to inspire others just as I have been inspired by many amazing designers and creators. Be bold, be colorful, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. My mottos are contentment over perfection and gratitude in every day. I repeat these truths to myself on a daily basis as I tackle new projects.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and remember to dwell aware!

Choosing contentment over perfection and beauty in the every day.

— Amanda Walker —

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